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What's the Best Part About Being a Manager?

Here is what Manager professionals have to say are their favorite part of the job or their company. There are 246K Manager reviews for 83K companies.

BPTP Limited

Senior Manager Contracts4 Feb 2022

“Very much happy to work with BPTP.”

Southern Cross Industrial Group

Management13 Jan 2022

“the CEO seems happy wasting away the owners money.”

Provoke Solutions

Manager12 Sept 2021

“Free drinks to keep the peasants happy.”

Lloyds Banking Group

Squad Manager14 Nov 2021

“people are happy to stay long term.”

Hermies Drive-In

Manager4 Aug 2020

“Fun environment if you enjoy customer service.”

Netquall Technologies

Senior Manager10 Nov 2021

“Everyone is happy to help each other.”


Deputy Manager16 Feb 2022

“I just enjoy the working culture and discounted deals on the gift vouchers”

Bright Health Group

Supervisor28 Jul 2021

“You design your career path and enjoy the support and education along the way!”


Manager15 Apr 2021

“I enjoy being able to serve people and make them happy”


Management Associate3 May 2021

“life balance and time to enjoy NYC”

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