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Morristown-Beard School Work/Life Balance FAQ

Read what Morristown-Beard School employees think about work life balance at the company and make sure this fits your lifestyle. Employees have questions about everything from the work from home policy, overtime and flexibility.

Morristown-Beard School has a work life balance rating of 3.4.

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Work/Life Balance

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2 July 2022

How is the work/life balance at Morristown-Beard School?


-Most of the students are wonderful as were many direct colleagues across departments -Curricular freedom -Guidance and support from other faculty -Mostly generous and supportive families


-Horrendous work life balance and proportionally low pay -Added duties without extra pay but without consequences for those who don’t follow through -Lack of diversity across staff and no true, competent support system of structure for POC or LGBTQ+ staff or students -Complete disconnect between administration and faculty—clear leadership has no understanding of classroom day-to-day realities or the mental and emotional well-being of their employees -Admin has a tendency of caving to parents and let board members and big donors kids’ infractions slide -This lack of support has persisted through two separate heads—and seems to actually be getting worse— clearly indicating it is a systemic, cultural issue and why I chose to leave this year.

Advice to Management

Realize that most of what MBS parents say keeps them coming back is the quality of teachers, the caliber of which will no doubt decline with the continued toxicity. Support your faculty, promote from within, and stand up to parents.

Horrendous work life balance and proportionally low pay

2 July 2022

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