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Design a washing machine and dryer for a bachelor.

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I agree with the above answers. First understand the question. Even if it wont matter, ask the clarifying questions so that we don't assume anything. For example, everyone assumed that this is an in-house washer dryer. I think that is what the interviewer is looking for but ask if this is an industrial washer dryer for bachelors or in -house. Where - US vs Africa where water is scarce or electricity. Design becomes extremely different. I think the Interview would say US as its more interesting Users: -Bachelor say 22-30 yrs, live alone blah blah. Not very interesting, everyone will get this. -Pain points, ALMOST ALL BACHELORS want to spent as little time doing laundry. This is key, so should focus on this. Use cases: Jeans and shirts, and spend as little time as possible doing it. In an ideal world, every bachelor will never have to do laundry. Design Features 1) 3-1 device that has a section for dirty laundry, a washer and a dryer. 2) System is connected to smart device such as phone Drop you laundry, don't care what - go party, keep dropping laundry. When the laundry is full, triggers the washer ( which alerts you on your phone (while you are at a bar)). Confirm start or maybe you have default start. After washer ends, you have dryer starting. Alerts you when done. You are busy doing whatever you want, but your machine is smart enough to do laundry for you. This is a MVP - Minimal Viable Product. You might not get the job coz most people will get this. So go further: 1) Heat from the dryer can be used to heat the house 2) Solar - less carbon footprint 3) Alerts you when you run out of detergent - so sycncs with your list say with EverNOte Again this might not be enough: Self criticize: 3-1 is hard to maintain. If one part breaks the whole cycle stops blah blah. This is just one way to think about this. They are plenty other ways to think about this.

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well first would be define a bachelor, a 17 year old kid can also be a bachelor, also a 70 year old single guy, so we should define what does bachelor means, we can give suggestion that we assume some who is from 21 to 40 and is not married, also are we talking about single men only what about homosexuals, are they considered bachelor? the design could be that the dryer and washing machine are the same, so once i put clothes in, they automatically get dried, also it can have a placeholder for detergent that once i filled it up, it automitcally takes 30ml and i dont have to put detergent in it again n again, second enhacement would be it should have a cupholder and bottle opener, for the bachelors that can keep their drink nearby while they do laundry, the washer/dryer should have speakers which can be connected to the tv or pc through bluetooth, so i can hear the sports comentary while i am doing my chores, or my fav music. comments/suggestions

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Some requirements for a bachelor washing machine: - Bachelors tend to postpone their laundry. Therefore, usable size of washing machine should be optimized to a maximum. - Options for: (in ºC) 40, 50, and 60. (Temperature) - Options for: 40, 60, 80 minutes. - Drying should automatically start after washing cycle. - Options for: Low, Medium, High temperature. - Options for: 45, 60, 75, 90 minutes. - Easy compartment with label: DETERGENT - Easy compartment with label: SOFTENER No cup holders, speakers, bluetooth or music. It's just a washing machine.

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Febreze, lol

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