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Does life fascinate you

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If life fascinated me, why would I interview for a position at Ernst & Young?

Nimzo on


Sure, life fascinates me. Take this interview for example...isn't it fascinating the number of possible answers you might get to this question? There are an endless variety of ways that people might respond. Don't you find that fascinating?

ACB on


Ya, alot more than this stupid interview!!

Smart 1 on


Me: Certainly it does, how could they get a 4 year old kid to eat that on national TV? Where are the marshmallows or chocolates?

Paul on


Life Does. Accounting is a job.

Mike G on


Sure does, but life isn't certain. Only death and taxes are certain.

IRS on



JC on


It sure does. The more I know about it the more curious I am.

Vlad on


Of course, otherwise I would not spend any time living It.

phaethon on


Yes life facinates me every moment, every minute, every second. I want to live it to its fullest, enjoy every moment of my life. Do things which I've not done earlier, make as many friends as I can, see as many places i can, eat different foods, learn how to cook them, spread love everywhere....and what you wanna listen??, there are soo many things to do that I feel one life is too small for it..

Neha on


I liked your answer, but this might be closed ended Q. Just Yes or No. If he had asked "How", probably it would suit better. If it was "How", go for Nature, blue sky, planets, mountains, simple things like flower, which we all take for granted. I think that is magic happening on daily basis.

Mitesh S on


Of course, not least because it is proving harder and harder to actually explain what we mean by 'life'

Clive on


No. People Fascinate me! They also disappoint me!

Chalres Ellis Bruce on


Chalres Ellis Bruce, that answer makes you seem unhireable, to be frank. Makes you sound like, for lack of a better term, a loser. Makes it seem like no one cares about you, or you're stuck up and have WAY too high of expectations of people. Or you just don't earn their respect. Either way, I'd hate to be asked this question. I'd probably respond, "what kind of question is that? Of course, in ways, life fascinates me. But I accept it as something that is experienced, not solved, and I enjoy the journey on the way and don't think too much about what it all means - that's to come at the end."

Manduke on


No. Life is mortal. Only one that is eternal can fascinate me.

HV on

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