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Have you ever tracked velocity? How would you determine a teams Sprint velocity?

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I said that I had a little bit, as we still had a bit of a challenge on my last team comprehending the burndown chart and how to improve estimates. How to determine it would be based on the Sprints. I kind of fumbled through this one as I really hadn't ever had much velocity tracking training, I just winged it at that time.

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Team velocity is tracked, using the number of estimated story points, over the actual completed story points. This can be measured on the burndown chart. You can guesstimate your team velocity overtime, from the previous sprints.

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Velocity is the total story point the team complete in a sprint. It can be tracked in the burndown chart in Jira for instance. Can be determined for an existing team by adding up velocities of 3 sprints and dividing it by 3 to get teams velocity.

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