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How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

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Focus, listen and take notes of the actual issues. Read back to the customer to confirm you gave it right. Ask for “Is there anything else?” Keep writing until customer runs out of complaints, calms down, and feels heard and usually is now tired. Ask Customer how he/ she feels the situation should be resolved. Repeat back. Tell Cudtomer your range of authority to be able to approve what they want done. If I can do it and it’s reasonsble. I do it and do something extra asking if the extra thing would be valued. ( like 20% off next purchase) 2. If I can’t do what he/ she wants done, I explain why and come as close as possible. Get agreement and understanding. If he/ she doesn’t agree, offer to escalate to higher level - and point out time delay for hearing back and may not get a better resolution. Bottom line, when possible I try to provide a value added additional at 33% higher than expectation. Why - because bad news travels very fast. Great news goes viral these days. Yelp and other review sites can make a difference. At Harbor Freight Going the extra mile doesn’t have to be a high cost. One store had a guy come out from warehouse and assemble a replacement item because first box had missing parts. He saved me so much time and buying extra tools. That was four years ago. Do you know how many people I’ve told and repeated to and why I shop Harbor Freight? 15 minutes of effort and I bet I’ve brought the store thousands in sales.

Waystation 49 on


Apologize for whatever inconvenience was caused upon them and see if the manager could do anything about it

Anonymous on


Mainly just try to act with compassion in mind. After all, they may not be happy about something that has nothing to do with you at all.

Anonymous on


Listen to the customer, stay calm and address their issues or concerns as soon as possible.

Anonymous on


Having had real world experiences in retail, I have dealt with this many times and 8 out of 10 times the following is how I handle it. Look the customer in the eye, listen to their complaint and find a resolution that turns the customer's experience from a negative upon arrival to leaving with a positive and very satisfied customer that will definitely return over and over.

Anonymous on


See how to lighten the tension appropriately ,in a timely manner

Robert Kelly on

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