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I applied for a data entry role, got contacted by someone from the recruitment team, and was asked to complete a form and send it back. I did this in the 1st hour and was notified that I will get some sort of response in a week's time. After a week of no response, I contacted the recruitment person back. When I asked for an update regarding my application I got a very blunt response that their managers are very busy and if I don't like I can withdrawal my application. I said no, I still wish to continue of course that's why I applied in the 1st place. It's been 4 weeks almost now and no response. No response whatsoever, find It very unprofessional to ask a candidate to answers questions on a form that took a bit of time... and after 4 weeks not to get ANY response whatsoever. I was very disappointed about this, as it only takes anyone a few seconds just to reply that I didn't make the cut. If you set the expectation that you will provide a response in a week, and then after 4 weeks time still no answer this means to me that the recruitment team cannot spare 30 seconds to compose a message back to me saying, hey you didn't get the role, thanks for your time. But no, no communication from the moment I was asked to complete the form of the questions.

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