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I arrived at 3:15pm, as I was only killing my time waiting for the last 30 minutes. The HR told me I was late, and the time was for 2:30pm to 3:30pm. I told her she said 3:30pm. The HR told me "Oh, you only heard me said 3:30, but I said 2:30 to 3:30." I was almost 100% sure that this HR has a long line-up of unqualified relatives and friends that she need to help to get this job that I was interviewing. She was giving me a wrong time on purpose. During the interview, she blurred through some of the questions that are at last 3 sentences. As I am a visible minority, my gut told me that she just wanted me to show I did not understand the questions and blamed me for my language abilities, but not that she blurred over the questions. The 2 other Technical Management interviewers were really nice people. Of course, I totally screwed up the job interview, and didn't even mention to show them my portfolio, and did not ask any questions that I wanted to ask. I just wanted to get out of "Hell" as quick as possible.

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Visible Minority, be very careful with HR, always ask for email Written confirmation for the time and date for the job interview. They count on the lack of written proof to screw you up. Not to mention they will ask you interview questions that they themselves did not understand and will put no emphasis on the important words.

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Sure enough, the position was filled by a girl who has only a little bit over 1 year of work experience but has been working in the City of Toronto. There is no way that she is more qualified than me who has over 15 years of professional experience with 2 degrees. You've got to be kidding me if there were no "insider hook-up involved". If you don't know anyone that can hook you up with the job, don't even bother applying and wast your time.

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R hill is known for that particularly Planning and Development . You are better of not there.

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