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Process Engineer (Chemical Engineer) Interview


Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Q. Conflict that you faced in the workplace? Q. Have you ever given bad news to your junior? What is that? How did they react? Q. Tell us everything you know about PCB manufacturing. Q. Why do you want to become a process engineer? Q, If the cost of a nut is a dollar more than the cost of a bolt. The total cost being $ 1.10. What is the cost of the bolt? Answer - 5 cents Q. Work experience and what did my superiors think about me in the workplace. Q. 5-year & 10-year goal

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How is the cost of a bolt 5 cents? If one nut costs $1.00 and the total cost is $1.10, that leaves 10 cents remaining. If one bolt costs 5 cents then you’d have two bolts and one nut, unless the cost of the bolt is supposed to be 10 cents.

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Oh never mind, I answered my own question.

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let Y=nut, X=bolt Y=X+$1-----------------eq(1) Given X+Y=$1.1 X+X+$1=$1.1-----from eq(1), Y=X+$1 Bolt X=0.05=5cents nut Y= $1.05

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