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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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As I read in your job description you are looking for talented and innovated candidates that are passionate to make a impact and difference in how the government is handling communication in some topics that not only does our Government needs to express to the people But also our President. I am currently involved researching mental Illness and how it affects different people. I am apart of many social groups and I just listen and learn. This topic is never spoken about. The Government and up the later need to be educated.

Alexsandra Jones ( on


Learning is one of your interview questions. We learn something new everyday. I personally do not follow the media for information. The media only gives you negative stories and its never about mental crises. I don't know everything about mental illness but I spend my time in researching and learning more about Mental illness and how it effects individuals.

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You ask about strength and weaknesses. First of all I don't believe in weakness. I believe in learning from feedback and work to strengthening my talents. Part of my strength comes in commitment to my challenges, I am very passionate in my work. I like to mentor and coach people that are not confident in there work. I believe in myself and that I can make a huge impact working with others. You never stop learning.

Alexsandra Jones ( on


I am a very passionate person and i want to be heard. I think Mental illness is not addressed for people to seek help. This epidemic has left so many people unemployed, and this causes anxiety, panic, depression just to name a few. I am not an MD, I am just a person who wants to get my message across. Now there are many people out there that can use either therapy or counseling. Where is the question, and where is the answer? There are many out reach locations that can help these people who have become helpless and have lost there hope in finding work.

Alexsandra Jones ( on


My strength and weakness is I trust easily on people because sometimes it cheated for me and sometimes it helpful make for me.

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