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What is standard costing?

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Standard costing is an accounting system used by some manufacturers to identify the differences or variances between: The actual costs of the goods that were produced, and. The costs that should have occurred for the actual goods produced

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Deferred tax liability is a tax that is assessed or is due for the current period but has not yet been paid. ... A deferred tax liability records the fact the company will, in the future, pay more income tax because of a transaction that took place during the current period, such as an installment sale receivable.

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Absorption costing, sometimes called full absorption costing, is a managerial accounting method for capturing all costs associated with manufacturing a particular product. The direct and indirect costs, such as direct materials, direct labor, rent, and insurance, are accounted for using this method. Absorption costing is required by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for external reporting.

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