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Why are pot hole covers round and not square?

Tags:brain teaser

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It makes sense to make them round because they can not fall through if ever accidentally uncovered. If squeare => the lid falls in diagonally.

dijana on


So that if someone mistakenly drops it in on its side it won't fall into the hole. A square cover dropped mistakenly diagonally on its side would fall in.

Anonymous on


Its because the round shape causes the impact of cars and trucks to be distributed evenly. If it was square, the impact would be highest at the corners causing the cover to break.

IV on


Tubes and pipes are cylindrical and easier to fit down a circular hole.

Matt on


It's because a circular shape won't fall into itself. Manhole covers wouldn't do any good if it was at the bottom of the sewer.

Anonymous on


Pot HOLES don't have covers. In some cities the pot holes are patched with similar shape fill as the hole. I'm guessing your question should read "Man Hole Covers" - but I'll just answer the question as posed ..

Ian on


easier for worker to get down without hurting. also worker can just put a stick to hold up without fearing that stick will move to edge and fall down.

ram on


Well, some manholes (not potholes) are round, some are rectangular, but a good reason for them to be round is minimize the amount of material required while maximizing the girth of person who can fit into it or pipe that it covers, as pipes tend to be round.

frog77 on


Because pot holes are round

SR on


Was not sure of answer, but it is so that they dont fall in the hole

Anonymous on

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