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Are you married or attached?

5 Answers

(Probably to find out whether you are capable of working overtime without OT pay as there is no work life balance in this small company)

Can I ask who was your interviewer? The CD or GM?

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What will you do if half of the quarters and you don't achieve your target?

2 Answers

Case study that walks you through a digital situation and ask you to solve a problem.

2 Answers

Quite Standard Questions, Can be Answered

1 Answer

Sales Meeting Role Play questions and objection handling - how is Tableau different?

1 Answer

Demo Tableau/ illustrate the value of Tableau

1 Answer

why i left my last job

1 Answer

What do you see yourself in 5 years time

1 Answer

Geographical Locations, Ports and Terminals

1 Answer

What is your greatest contribution to the previous company ?

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