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Tell me about your sales experience.

3 Answers

It's good and want to be speak polite to the customers and want to interact with them that he wants to like come back to the shop again

It was quite exciting. Because different types of customers comes to me and everybody have their own need. So i always try to fulfill their needs,so that they can come to us again.

It’s good experience to me because i can interact with different customers that make me more knowledge and good contacts with them and also according to that i can understand there needs so we can full filling their needs.

Why should we hire you instead of a foreigner?

2 Answers

Why did you apply for this position and market in specific country?

2 Answers

How would you help out a senior guest whose having a technical difficulty with our company website via phone?

1 Answer

Previous job experience.

1 Answer

Why you would choose in Customer Service industry especially Call center?

1 Answer

Touch on experience , how this May bring value to the role and the objectives set on a personal level to this role.

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself

1 Answer

What are three adjectives to describe yourself?

1 Answer

Walk me through the process of browsing a webpage with a browser.

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