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Advisory Associate was asked...20 June 2012

My wife and I are going on vacation, where would you recommend?

24 Answers

Ask questions about interests, finance, locations, etc..

My answer would be to always always listen to the wife, unless it is the wife directly asking for the recommendations. :) Less

I would first ask a couple of questions: 1. What type of vacation do you prefer: a) On the beach, b) outdoor + sports, c) sightseeing + culture, d) party + seek contact to persons of the opposite sex, e) shopping. 2. What time of the year do you want to go? 3. What budget do you have? 4. How long do you want to go? 5. Depending on answer to question 1, I would ask one last question about interests. Then I would make a recommendation. Less

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Suppose there are many team members who are unhappy with the role they are assigned and want to change roles. However, the current requirements am require them to continue performing their current roles? How would you handle such a situation?

6 Answers

i gave them friendly envirmnt and i also work them with like friend so that they do their role very justice fully Less

Motivate them to a perform their task to a particular time untill they are intrested or provide an oppurrtunity that the top most performer will be rewarded with their desired roles. Less

I will try to provide friendly environment to them, try to lessen the work pressure as well as will appreciate their and if possible give them rewards. Rewards and appreciations are great motivators. Less

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Tell me about a time where you negotiated with someone.

6 Answers

I also always make sure I beat the competition in terms of value for money. My services are always worth the price I charge and my competitors find it hard to provide the best for a price so fair but also beneficial to me and my organization! Less

During my josh school final year break I negotiated with the manager at Tastebuds a fast food spot in Ntinda for a job and salary I got the job and I was paid well At least according to what I was willing to take back then Less

Negotiating deals with intelligence, smart and trickery a bit

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Name a time where you had to change the direction of a project while in the middle?

6 Answers

Full time experienced associate

Hi, did you end up getting an offer? How long did it take to hear back etc.?

I have not heard back yet

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Prepare in advance by looking at sample case studies. Be prepared to answer a lot of technical questions if you have an information systems background.

4 Answers

Did you get a written case interview ? Or was it interactive with the interviewer and you just had to scribble your thoughts on a paper and present your solution to the interviewer Less

Interactive. I jotted some notes in the margins and then had to go to a white board to explain my solution. Generally verbal-- just walked through my answer while he asked some questions along the way Less

Thanks !

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What is cyber security? What does Deloitte do?

3 Answers

Did you hear back from them?

I have a second round office interview on November 3rd!

hey how did that interview go? what kind of questions do they ask?


How do you take care of cost and profitability in your projects

3 Answers

Hi! Have heard about your subsequent rounds? Any progress? I guess their processes are quite slow. I am also waiting..............Had applied for a position in Advisory. Less

BTW...just to mention that I interviewed for the same position in Program Advisory services as well. Do let me know. Less

Hi! How did your interview go? Was it the partner interview or the first round/case study interview? I had my case study interview and executive director interview couple of days back. Still waiting to hear back. Less


"What are the different methods of Inventory Valuation and how do you prepare them?"

3 Answers

FIFO< LIFO < AVCO. They can be prepared on a stock ledger card. It depends on inventory policy, wheter periodic based valuation is appropriate or perpetual based. Less

"Weighted Average, LIFO, FIFO...We have to prepare a inventory statement with particulars, entry no"...and then I got stuck as I didn't remember! Less

The initial preparation of inventory records will be on bin card, which contains only quantity of inventory, and stores ledger account where both the amount as well as quantity is recorded. As a controller in inventory management department subsequently it will be verified with both documents using any automated software if management has purchased. Less


writing assements

3 Answers

Is it hand writen?

30 mins limit

What was the topic of your written assessment ?


what motivates you?

3 Answers

Hi, i was just wondering, did you have to take the online writing assessment? If so, how was that? what did they ask you? Your response will be really appreciated! thanks! Less

As for the online writing assessment, the one I had was not very difficult. The subject was sth like in e&y you need to work with many other teams, what are your qualities to help this teamwork/cooperation? How these qualities will help your development in E&Y? There was 45min for this essay in total Less

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