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FM Global
Agile Coach and Scrum Master was asked...2 January 2019

As a woman do you forsee any childcare issues impacting delivery and how do you plan to deal with that?

4 Answers

This question is sexist

This is not an issue for me.

My babies are crate-trained. No issues.

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Plaster Group

Does a Scrum Master have to have experience with data warehousing in order to be a good Scrum Master for a data warehousing team?

2 Answers

A chicken farmer must create an environment conducive to laying eggs, but need not accomplish that task personally. Less

The clerk in the store doesn't need to know how to grow strawberries; she just needs to know the process of ringing them up and getting them to the customer. So no, Scrum Masters don't need to know, in-depth, about data warehousing an business intelligence to help a team transition to scrum. Less


What do I think the difference between an enterprise coach and a team coach is.

2 Answers

Enterprise coach is the one who knows all the Agile frameworks SCRUM , Kanban ScrumBan, TDD, BDD etc... and would coach the newly or existing teams of Agile to transform them from their current state of model to the Agile way of working. He should be able to decide which framework suites for which teams and work with the key stakeholders on how he would like to implement it at the organization level. Team coach normally works with different scrum teams coaches them at team bevel and move them from doing agile to Being agile and then take them forward to exceling and scaling them to them to continuous improvement and automation. He will also be responsible to resolve team conflicts empower the team, bring in the AHA moment from each team member.He will concentrate on not giving out answers but make the indidivual to come up with his own answer. Less

I got it wrong - not what you would expect anywhere else and if you’re wrong watch out you’ll hear about it again and again and again. Less

TCS e-Serve International

Wrong question asked? What are 4 agile principles? And expects answers for values of agile

1 Answers

Agile values

Novatec Consulting GmbH

Hier sind x Abteilungsleiter. Jeder möchte seine Aufgaben erledigt haben. Wie machen Sie das?

1 Answers

Erwartet wurde keine Antwort im Wortsinne sondern gleich eine Aktion, da es ein Rollenspiel war, wie im Nachhinein verraten wurde Less


Meine Einstellung bzw. Herangehensweise an bestimmte Situationen im Job die aktuell im Unternehmen akut sind.

1 Answers

Spontan wie ich die entsprechende Situation wirklich angehen würde.


Tell me your experience implementing Agile methodologies in teams and scaling up?

2 Answers

I have had the same experience with UBS, their hr communication with candidates is very poor. I sent multiple emails to the hr coordinator after my interview no replies. I heard back from them 2 months after, needless to say it was a NO! Less

Still happening in 2022. Very bad communication throughout.

Agile Coach was asked...1 September 2021

What position am I applying for? Why am I applying for this position? Why Karl Storz? Their Product Managers like Waterfall and the organization and planning inherit in it. How would I work with PMs with respect to handling expectations with Scrum? So am I an Agile purist? What is my ideal team size and why? How many teams have I overseen at a single time? How many teams could I single handedly oversee in parallel? Why am I looking ot leave my current position? How would I summarize Agile? How would I handle problematic and/or under performing team members? What charts do I use and why? How would I go about improving a team's soft skills?

1 Answers

Provide bi-weekly seminars or sessions introducing new methodologies/ project tools to help collaboration become more in tuned, listen to concerns project team members have, assess, research, and deliver different methods or new approach within the scope of the project. Less


What are the Agile values?

1 Answers

An open organizational culture based on open collaboration and open communication. [If my interviewers were expecting me to recite the four Values of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, then, sorry guys: I left elementary school a long-long time ago :) Or, for readers who are not in-depth familiar with the natural process of 'professional evolution', in time any professional is reaching a level where their understanding will go far beyond the basics of the profession.] Less


several process questions to figure out if the candidate as a real life experience or talking text book only.

1 Answers

to their satisfaction hence attended 6 rounds of interviews for 6 months contract. Less

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