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Hastings Direct
Data Science and Analytics Graduate was asked...10 May 2022

What would you do differently if you had this task again?

1 Answers

Use your own reflective analysis to show you've already thought of answers to this, then go into more detail on them. Less

Hastings Direct

What do you think could be improved from the dataset?

1 Answers

Use your findings as a way of highlighting what extra information could be useful. Less

Hastings Direct

Why did you choose this method to model the data?

1 Answers

Explain not only advantages of what you selected, but negatives of others to show broad knowledge. Less


Previous projects and sql. Interviewer was less experienced person who brought incorrect sql tables. Customer table had payment id as primary key instead of customer id lolz.”


Describe one of your ML projects including problem and results.


What tools and techniques do you use to purify/separate? How do you develop method to purify?


Relevant projects in past experience.


Why do you want to work at BECU? Describe the projects you've worked on. What would you do if you completed analysis on a dataset and your supervisor said you didn't answer the question they wanted?

Expedia Group

Numerical Ability Motivation Assessment (Video Interview)

Kashiv Biosciences

What instruments did you use before?

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