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Technical Applications Scientist was asked...18 August 2011

What would you do if a costumer calls and did everything like the protocol said and wants his money back?

2 Answers

I was asked the same question. The answer should be be calm and walk him through the procedure after asking him the steps he followed. I everything is correct, report the problem to the supervisor ! Less

try to figure out what the problem with the kit was


What do you want to do?

1 Answers

Interact with other scientists


Why do you want to work with the company in this position?

1 Answers

I said I liked science and helping people trouble-shoot their problems. I form a good rapport with people and enjoy hearing their thoughts and discussing out where they are having issues. I thought the company provides a novel technology and would be interested in showing other people the utility of the technology. Less


What do you consider yourself an expert in?

1 Answers

I talked about a specific technique I felt highly qualified in using and tried to explain how various aspects of the overall technique applied to other related techniques. Less


What would you do to make this product acceptable to broader biology?

1 Answers

Hi, could you post more technical interview questions?


Provide an example of a time when you had to troubleshoot a scientific problem.

1 Answers

Case specific.

Johnson Matthey

Take us through the components of a lithium ion battery.

1 Answers

Took the opportunity to use the board in the room to draw out a schematic rather than just describe it. Less


Technical problem and Personality questions.

1 Answers

focus on logic thinking and be open and positive personality


What was a difficulty you recently faced?

1 Answers

I had a terrible PI in my graduate school and I overcame it by accepting his problems were not my responsibility and getting a new advisor who believed I could succeed and graduate. Less

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Giving experimental scenarios and asking what went wrong, and how to resolve.

1 Answers

You need to have hands on experience to answer these questions. 95% of team comprises of PhD or Post-Doc Scientists. Less

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