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The Macduffie School
Art Teacher was asked...4 June 2019

What were my skills and years of experience? What was my expected salary, when can I start

1 Answers

Listed skills and more than 20 years experience in Arts/Dsign and teaching. Told them my last salary and was available as soon as they needed Less

Learning RX

She asked me what salary i wanted.

1 Answers

I said $18.00 per hour for parttime. $38,000 a year for fulltime.

Why should we take the gamble in hiring you?

1 Answers

I feel confident that I will be a strong contribution to your team.

MY Art Studio

How did you find this job?

1 Answers

A facebook job posting

Q: What is your classroom management style?

1 Answers

I want to provide a friendly classroom environment where the students feel inspired to create, know that their efforts will be noticed encouraged. The rules of the art room are clearly explained and monitored: the proper and consistent care of supplies and tools, the way to clean up after themselves, how to give a good critique of other's work. How to listen to instructions. Less


Can you please sing a song?

1 Answers

I asked what song they preferred and then I sang "Happy Birthday"

Howard Suamico School District

How do you apply the recent competencies in art.

1 Answers

The recent art competencies should be included in the art instructional curriculum Therefore students will bee exposed to one of the following competencies: 1. Studio Art: Through this competency, students will learn where they will learn expressive, technical, organizational, drawing and painting skills Instruction should include traditional processes as newer technological processes. 2. Art History and Analysis. This will help students to have the contextual knowledge 3. Advanced work: Students will be supported to execute advanced work 4. Technical Processes: Students will learn concepts such as light, pigments, film making, video, printmaking, and photography. Less

Richardson Independent School District

To explain the gap in my resume.

1 Answers

My first career was raising my children, then I went into advertising, and after 9/11 sharing my skills with others became important. Less

Coppell ISD

How would you give students opportunities to show their artwork?

1 Answers

By displaying artwork around school, on boards, in public places where the art can be seen. Also be finding competitions and community projects to work with. Less

Conroe Independent School District

Tell us about yourself.

1 Answers

What kind of projects would you assign to a first grader ?

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