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Q: When driving alone at night what do you think about?

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You basically have to show you are an "achiever" and constantly think of what you have done throughout the day.

There were no many difficult questions, basic questions like tell me about yourself and such.

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Nothing technical, mostly about your CV and yourself, motivation on joining them etc.

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Brain Teaser - There are two doors, with a guard outside each one. Behind one door is a treasure chest, but you don't know which one. Moreover, one guard always tells the truth, while the other always tells a lie - but you don't know which is which. If you had the ability to ask a guard (not knowing which one they are) one question to tell you which door to open for the chest, what question would you ask?

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Stakeholder engagement how will you do in a difficult environment

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Talked about past internship experience and school projects

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Recruitment consultants are proactive and resilient. Tell me about one time you feel that you have followed through and held a resilient attitude.

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personal interest, why would you like to join this company

How did you convince your team about something they did not agree on?

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