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Associate Software Engineer was asked...4 July 2022

Expalin about your mini project and main project


UML diagrams technical round Competency based questions


Group Discussion - Effects of Social Media Technical Round (Theory) - Basic computer science-related questions such as arrays, functions, etc., along with that questions based on the programming software we're familiar with. Technical Round (Coding) - Provided a situation as to how the input should be entered and how the output must come out and a few test cases. Need to code in such a way to fulfil that requirement provided to us.

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Answered the questions I knew and was open about whatever I wasn't sure about but made attempts to answer them and listened to them when they corrected me and asked doubts regarding anything I wanted to know. For the coding part, I could type the code but there was some small error present that I could not find out. After 99% of the code was completed and correct, I asked the interviewer for help and together we found the small error and the code functioned perfectly. Less


Tell me about your self If ECE- then core questions Basic programs Aptitude questions as well Ques on languages you know Your intern/project Resume certifications About company


Introduce your self. explain your project.

HCL Technologies

Most of the questions were theoretical


Introduce yourself Write a program for Fibonacci General programming questions

Tata Consultancy Services

What is agile methodology and what is scrum?

Tata Consultancy Services

What are the stages in SDLC

MedPlus Health Services Pvt.

What is Polymorphism in Java?

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