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Business Operations Analyst was asked...3 February 2011

25 horses, 5 race tracks. How many races you have to run to select top 5 horses.

51 Answers

The answer is 9. Assuming: - There's no time measuring (stopwatch), just relative places. - The horses perform consistently. - A maximum of 5 horses per race. First we need 5 races (A to E) to get relative scores for all 25 horses. Let's take a worst scenario: the list was already ordered (A1 fastest and E5 slowest), so race A contained the top 5. The 6th race would be the winners of the 5 races (A1, B1, C1, D1, E1), and would give A1 as the fastest of all. This would also mean that some horses can be excluded (only 4 more places to fill): B5 C4, C5 D3, D4, D5 E2, E3, E4, E5 For the 7th race, A2 would replace A1, and A2 would be appointed as the runner-up (of all). We also can exclude some more (only 3 more places to fill): B4 C3 D2 E1 For the 8th race, A3 would replace A2, but as E1 has been excluded, we got a vacancy. Let's add C2 for worst case scenario. The winner would be A3, and we can exclude more horses (only 2 more places to fill): B3 C2 D1 At this point there're only 5 horses who have not yet been classified or excluded, so the winner and runner-up of the 9th race would give 4th and 5th overall. Less

You guys are not doing CS! 10 runs is my answer. 1. randomize 5 groups, each of 5 horses 2. rank them within each group, I will use Anuradha's notation (5 races) 3. pick the best of each group, race to figure the 1st place, call it A1 (1 race) It should be clear, it wins all times, every one lost once. 4. remove it. substitute 2nd best in. repeat 3 (in my eg. A2,B1,C1,D1,E1) now you have second place. keep going, you get the first 5 and ranking! So, 5+5=10 races in total. Less

Anuradha's solution still has problems. (Even if we go with Anuradha's assumptions that you can only race one horse per track, and also assuming that we don't have a stopwatch and must compare horses placing positions) What if the fastest five horses are A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1 ? In Anuradha's second step, he elminates two of the fastest horses (D1 and E1) . He's assuming that A2, B2, or some of the other horses from the other heats are faster, but he hasn't actually tested to see if that is true. Less

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What is your least favorite thing about humanity?

31 Answers

inane interview questions

The kardashians

Answering stupid questions from moronic interviewers.

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Capital One

You have the choice between using first class or third class mail for a letter you are sending out to potential customers. First class costs $0.50 per piece and reach 100% of potential customers. Third class costs $0.40 per piece and reaches 80% of potential customers. Which do you use?

10 Answers

either one is good. For example, you will reach 0.8 person by spending $0.4. If divided 0.4 by 0.8, we get that we will reach 1 person by spending $0.5. So two methods have the same effect. Less

First class should be used, as the cost of each delivered letter will be the same, but you will reach all of your intended audience. Example: 1000 pieces to be sent, sending first class costs $500 and reaches 1000 ($.50 per peice), and sending second class costs $400 and reaches 800 ($.50 per piece) Less

@gaurav: don't make it too complicated. they just want to know the costs of reaching the customers. peppermint is right. Less

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Why do want to work for jet blue ?

7 Answers

Still waiting

I got called two days ago with offer

Did you have to have your Drivers license?

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ZS Associates

Imagine, if you're outside a room and there are 3 (three) switches right next to you, each switch corresponds to a bulb placed in the closed room right in-front of you, how would you know without only going inside the room once, that which switch exactly corresponds to which bulb? (You can only go inside once)

6 Answers

Switch on switches 1 & 2, wait a moment and switch off number 2. Enter the room. Whichever bulb is on is wired to switch 1, whichever is off and hot is wired to switch number 2, and the third is wired to switch 3. Or switchon 1, then wait for a while and switch on 2. When you get in to the room two of the bulbs will be on but one will be much hotter although 1st one is more logical Less

There are several ways of checking the switches. Turn on switches 1 and 3 and then, after a few seconds turn of the third switch and enter the room. The light which is on is switch #1 and the hot or warm light bulb is switch #3. The cold bulb is switch #2. The same exercise can be done using switches 2 and 3 or switches 1 and 2. Less

This is too simple question & I have better answer..

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Suzlon Group

Would you think this organization is suitable for you?

5 Answers

YES, Becouse i am hard worker and able to this job.



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The Emirates Group

Managing a team of different nationalities

6 Answers

Didnt have problem as i was already working with different nationalities

Managing different nationalities will be a interesting job

All countries people is now a knowledge person this time is internet world that answer is anything your talk to person and improve the work this time Less

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You have have 2 Delivery guys and 3 orders in different route. executive need to pick orders from different hotel but only one at a time. how do you manage the time so that orders are delivered in minimum time

6 Answers


Depend off people

Distance to restaurant Distance to customer from restaurant Preparation time for the order All three variables should be considered and assign executives accordingly Less

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Same as mentioned by others in glass door. Be ready with couple of examples for each leadership principle. Metrics, metrics and metrics in each of the examples.

6 Answers

what was the math flow question? thanks in advance

Labor allocation - basic concept - hours per day*work days*number of employees*units per hour = total number of units. as long as your basic math skill is good, it is a breeze. Less

Onsite and Math Flow had similar questions (same concept), but not same questions. results declared and communicated the next day and offer followed based on openings in preferred location(s). Less

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Difficult math question that you can work thru if you work backwards!

6 Answers

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This is the first question on the in person interview; math/staffing section. The interview was 3.5 hours long Less

was this word problem presented over phone interview or on-site interview?

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