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Motherson Sumi Systems
Production Supervisor was asked...28 March 2018

Tell us something about yourself

5 Answers

General description about college, family, general interests and technical skills. Less

I am Neeraj Sethi

Presently working in Unisol India pvt ltd

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Do you have any questions for me?

5 Answers

There are no questions but I hope to get your business done with you, and get your viz working as fast as possible Less

When I go to an American workplace I have a short time to get to know the place of work, number of work and work activity And the branches to conduct a field study and to review the course of the financial Evaluate work if possible. Especially season because he has a role in Some changes if you are approved by your party Creative Strategy. As a biography in the biography has the ability On the price level analysis Less

Note: I have worked on more than 100 interview staff with no chair for the staff selection committee I've always been looking for an employee what he wants to do for me what works Whether in the marketing of training courses or any other commodity, Please take this idea into account Less

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What were my job duties?

5 Answers

Dependable responsible and hard working candidate and friendly and kind

Activity, responsible, carefully, properly, friendly and honestly.

Activity, properly, responsible, friendly and honestly.

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Rawabi Holdings

Are u willing to work in stress-full environment and work under pressure

5 Answers




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The Address Hotels and Resorts

why do u wanna move to Dubai?

6 Answers

I was visited dubai few days back I’m in just love with dubai And really want to be part of your country and want to prove my skills. I’m working with the hospitality industry last seven years. And please give me chance to be part of your country. Less

I am a BMS Operator, I want to work there.

it is an amazing city and great opportunity

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Bank AL Habib

what do you want salary of growth as in increase in grade from previous organization

4 Answers

Please arrange interview on next any working day


I expect both. Increase Salary and grade of previous organization UBL Bank.

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Would you have any problems with wearing the kroger uniform?

4 Answers

I honestly think the Kroger uniforms are great . Its up to you to pick and choose the brand of pants and shoes, the Kroger label SHOULD be pn your shirt, its showing pride and professionalism . Less

Im wearing a suit, haha, i think i could handle a blue shirt and pants.

I'm going to turn that question around, my DISTRICT has an appalling uniform shortage. Kroger needs to reevaluate it's uniform situation, I think that instead of company embroidery Kroger should consider non-embroidered plain shirts and make overall acquisition responsibility that of the employees. This method would be cheaper for the company and the savings can be translated towards employee pay and increase workplace morale. Less

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What is your security background?

4 Answers

Owner lied about being a sheriff he is a con artist

Smart work and satisfaction in my job

I had 6 years total. 2 unarmed and 4 armed

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Oriana House

How did I believe my prior employment with the Federal Bureau of prisons would assist me in my position with Orianna house? Did I believe I would have problems differentiating between my former role and the new role?

4 Answers

I responded that I was very comfortable in my beliefs and that I thought I would have no difficulty separating my prior employment with my current. I stand by the fact, that we are all diverse and although they may be convicted of a crime, I am not there to punish, I am there merely to maintain the safe and orderly running of the facility. Less

No I do not have no problem with maintaining my safety their safety in the facility I am very qualified as well as a team player hard worker dependable Less

My formal role will be the same row as my new role so now I will have no differences I know my job Well Less

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Nesma & Partners

What is your previous experience?

4 Answers

Describe previous work experience

Well site as of now I'm working here haradh civil work building

Civil & electro mechanical and oil and gas

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