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First round will be written test

4 Answers

Next roind is HR round

I attended on 28 july 2019.How long it will take for zoho to announce the first round results

Did anyone got their result!!

Mary had ____ bad dream.

3 Answers

Pen down on the topic, Kamal and Rajini entering politics will destroy Tamilnadu politics

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Explain SUDOKU

3 Answers

First round : Basic English mcqs , synonyms , fill in the blanks . Second Round : Write a letter to your daughter convincing her to stay with you rather than running away with her lover who is an Ethiopian film star. Write the diary entry for the most interesting day of your life. Steps to decrease consumption of alchohol . Hr round : Make me drink this water, How will you tell your feelings to someone as soon as possible. Tell me anout your life in a timeline ,etc.

2 Answers

How are keywords useful?

2 Answers

you've mentioned in your resume that you are interested in microprocessors, can u draw and explain the general working of a microprocessor?

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Why did you choose this role?

1 Answer

Write an add on a product with attractive tag line?

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