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Marketing analyst Interview Questions in Chennai, India


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In a basket there are 2 red apples and 98 green apples;1 red apple is removed,how many green apples must be removed to make it 96% of total apples are green apples

6 Answers

74 green apples have to be removed

I Ball want to be 4%. so 1=4% so that 25 =100% in 25 one red and 24 green. 74 need to be removed

3 green apples to be removed

They asked what apps I use in phone daily

2 Answers

Why seo?

2 Answers

Inbound and Outbound marketing

2 Answers

Finding the squares inside the squares

1 Answer

I was asked about product marketing

1 Answer

You are from a technical background, why would you like to join Growisto?

1 Answer

Puzzles and resume mostly.

1 Answer

basic logical questions

1 Answer

Basic things related to your resume

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