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A led bring 3times a minutes and another one 5 times for a span of 2 times. If both starts at a same time. How many times will they blink together at the end of the hour!?

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it is correct

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list and array related questions Basic sql question

7 Answers

1st round was apti round then 2nd round was they give an question we have to write progamme to solve this one and also wrrite a flow chart for the same programme

6 Answers

Why u chose IT? Why do want to join syntel?

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Write a Java program to count the number of occurances of each number in a series of numbers.

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A box is divided into 4 boxes which is further subdivided into 4 boxes and so on. What is the best Data structure suitable for this scenario?

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u have 10 red socks and 10 blue in ur cupboard .you have to take 1 pair of socks but ur room is completely many minimum no. of socks required to take so that u ll be sure to get atleast a pair of same coloured socks?

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This round consists of 6 competitive coding questions and you need to solve at least 4 to get you through.

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1. Find vowels from the given string in the first round. 2. They provided small small c# programs for each sessions

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Short coding : 1. They gave an array A with N elements we need to find if addition of two elements in the array will be the element K Ex: I/P: a[5]={7,3,2,6,4,} K=10; Op:7+3=10 6+4=10 2. Two sorted array a[],b[] will be given we need to merge the array without temporary array. 3. An array arr[] with elements are given we need to sort the odd number in descending on left side and the even numbers in ascending on the right side of the array Ex: I/P: arr[5]={7,4,3,5,2} O/P:7 5 3 2 4

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