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Richmond Pharmacology
Clinical Trial Assistant was asked...16 October 2017

What would you do if I shouted at you?

3 Answers

I would report it to HR and then immediately regret it since they disclose all confidential discussions back to senior management/directors (who were probably the ones shouting at you in the first place). I’d then learn my place within the company and keep my head down until I had enough experience to escape and go work somewhere (read anywhere) else. Less

I’d ask “you kiss your wife and kids with that mouth?”

I would ask you to politely calm down and go somewhere private where we could both talk about the issue. I would try to come to a swift resolution. And if the issue was still not resolved, I would involve someone from upper management to intervene. Less


company core values

1 Answers

Memorize these from the website and be ready to 'apply' them in your answers.


Strenghts and weaknesses

2 Answers

Hardworking, positive attitude, comfortable working in any condition, sensority, punctual, Less

Hardworking positive attitude comfortable working in any condition sensority punctual Less

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

What is your plans?

2 Answers

To grow up in the field of the Clinical Research

What other questions did they ask you?

Richmond Pharmacology

How do you handle conflict resolution?

2 Answers

I’d say sigh and reply “Whatever you say Keith” and stare out the window, all the while wondering what happened to my hopes, my dreams and my freedom. Less

I do not let it fester, I talk to my colleague ASAP to come to a resolution.


1) What is an alternative name for Statement of Investigator?

2 Answers

Form FDA 1572

Form FDA 1572


What salary do you expect?

2 Answers

What does a normal day look like at your current job?

17$ per hour but is negotiable

Ridgeview Institute

They asked me what my previous experience was working in the healthcare or human services field

1 Answers

I told them that I had experience as a volunteer advocate and I had been working for at least three years as a volunteer working with youth and writing reports based on the appropriateness of their placement or the inappropriateness of the parents based on interviews with various collateral or family Less


Tell me about your self.

1 Answers

I explained my experience as it relates to the position, and expressed my ambition for leadership roles in clinical research. Less

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Give us an example of how you maintained organization and orderliness.

1 Answers

Gave an example of how I managed a club as the secretary and president, made sure to respond quickly to emails, etc. Less

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