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University College London
Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) was asked...5 November 2022

Give a principle of ICHGCP and what would you do to acheive them

1 Answers

Right safety and well being is of utmost importance and should prevail over science. To acheive that, i would maintain patient confidentiality, follow health and safety procedures, treating participants with dignity and respect and answer all their question and treat them in a friendly and curteous manner Less


How well do I work in a team setting?

1 Answers

Extremely well.


Describe your experience in this field?

Covid Clinic

Are you available (e.g. to work off hours)?

1 Answers

Within reason. Well, that just blew the person's mind. That I was not going to be at their beckon call. It seems that they fancy themselves as a "startup." They should have investigated California employment law before opening their mouths. Too toxic of an environment for me. Subpar pay too. Less


What is your work experience

Centricity Research

Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths/weaknesses?

Rogers Behavioral Health

How would you respond to a difficult person who was showing sign of agrivation?

1 Answers

I would validate the patient/client's needs immediately, apologize for any inconvenience made, then ask how I would be able to help, come up with a solid resolution that is a valid compromise, and again reassure the patient/client. Less

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research

What is your 5 year plan


How would you deal with a colleague you didn't like?


the questions were about my experience at my previous internship

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