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Children's Hospital Colorado
Clinical Research Assistant was asked...21 July 2022

Describe a time where you had to work in a team environment and there was conflict? How did you handle this?

UC San Francisco

Why do you want to work here?

Northwestern University

Walk me through your resume

Juno Search Partners

Asked general interview questions: Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work at ** company?


Me preguntaron por un horario para programar la entrevista pero nunca me volvieron a contactar

Henry M. Jackson Foundation

If your supervisor did something wrong, how would you react? Name a scenario where there was a problem at work or with a staff member and how did you address it?

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I said I would have a conversation that focused on team cooperation and that there's no "she said he said they said" drama scenario because I am trained in conflict resolution and want to focus on work efficiency to meet deadlines. I said there was a shipment problem that was going to compromise a project that cost thousands of dollars and that there was no one that followed up how long the order was going to take. Turns out it will be back-ordered for months and my co-worker didn't bring it up to me. What I suggested was that even though it may be common sense, I made sure to annouce that if there is a vendor that cannot meet our supply demand, it's okay to proceed with another reputable vendor to ensure our project is not compromised. Less

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

What are your strengths and weaknesses, how do you handle challenging situations/conflicts, why do you want to work in this area, and also about standard practices in clinical research

Brigham and Women's Hospital

How did you find this position? Tell us about ___ experience (on my CV).

Northwell Health

Tell me about your experience with identifying and screening patients.

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