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Computer Vision Engineer was asked...11 August 2022

How would I manage a strart-up ?

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Think back on a time of adversity and how you communicated with others to overcome.

Fast Enterprises

How would you implement a coding problem to factor the prime numbers of digits to 1000?

Carnegie Robotics

I expressed interest in computer vision and mathematics, so my questions included the following topics: vector/linear algebra, calculus 3 (some basic proofs), computer graphics, geometry/trigonometry, leetcode-style questions, camera systems, buffer streams, ML-related questions (network architectures for a given problem, how to design/formulate an ML problem), and some questions related to my past research in CV.

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Since this was my first full-time position, I based my responses primarily from classroom knowledge and research experience. I also got some opportunities to tie in past projects to fill in some details. Less


Previous Projects. Field of interest at the company. Availability


Aumentar o batch no treinamento de uma CNN afeta a sua acurácia?


Descreva as redes neurais, Perceptron, CNNs e RNNs

Magic Leap

NDA, but mostly C++ coding questions with reference to the position

Ecopia AI

Why did you choose ECOPIA AI?


General questions related to classical image processing and classical machine learning.

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