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Corporate analyst development program Interview Questions


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Describe a time you had to change your communicative style to fit your audience

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Hi, may I know if you got your rejection via phone call? I have been scheduled a phone call after the final round of interview (2x1:1 interview) and want to know if the phone call will be a rejection or an offer.

Why Corporate Analyst Development Program?

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Basic standard interview questions. My experience at school etc. Helped that I brought along my writing samples. She answered every question that I had thoughtfully. It was overall an enriching experience. I greatly enjoyed it.

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What does your father do (for a living)?

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Given a scenario of a company using MongoDB Community version and struggling with meeting deadline for Application's new version release due to several issues faced by a few personas. In the roleplay meeting, you have to act out like the real MongoDB account executive and talk to these personas, addressing their concerns and pitching MongoDB Atlas to the company.

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Introduce about yourself; and other sorts of competence questions that required to use STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) like tell about a situation when you take calculated risks and failed.

Pretty chill. They asked me to do a some financial modelling and asked me a few technical questions and what i think is the most important function for corporate banking.

They asked me to detail the major functions of the Attorney General's Chambers