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Booz Allen Hamilton
CyberSecurity Engineer was asked...6 December 2016

To describe my previous cybersecurity experience. Technical questions, specifically Linux command line questions.

1 Answers

Well and accurately.


If you were a security guard at Deloitte and a person came up and said that they are employed at Deloitte but forgot there member card what would you do? Would you let them in?

1 Answers

The interviewer said that he would've checked their driver license to see if they are who they say they are and then check whether that name is in the employee database Less


Create and present 2 powerpoint presentations on public-key infrastructure, for a non-technical and technical audience respectively.

1 Answers

Answer this with an invoice. Seriously.

Sonora Quest Laboratories

It was regarding my previous job experiences, skillset. They explained their environment and what they are looking for specifically in that role.

1 Answers

I explained regarding what I have done and how that will be useful for the role

Trend Micro Inc.

worm vs virus vs trojan

1 Answers

differentiate each

Visa Inc.

What is Visa as a company?

1 Answers

Many people believe Visa is a credit card company, but it is actually a payments company. Not knowing this beforehand is detrimental to your chances. Less


Give an example of how you would tackle a difficult situation.

1 Answers

Gather requirements and stakeholders, assess situation, and develop a plan of action. Less

MBL Technologies

My Splunk technical experience, work ethic, and my team player role

1 Answers

I've shared my technical expertise of my security career and Splunk in particular. All I've done, use the tool to accomplish projects. I've also mentioned that my "team player" one of my dominant strength to work with anyone under stressful environment. Less


What is the command to know the running process in windows.

1 Answers


Los Alamos National Laboratory

Explain Kerberos to the interview committee

1 Answers

Described what Kerberos was and how it works

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