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In a data analyst interview, employers ask questions that help ascertain your level of technical skills, including familiarity with data analysis software, data analysis terminology and statistical methods. Interviewers may also use guesstimate questions to learn about your problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

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Top Data Analyst Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three data analyst interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What data analysis software have you worked with?

How to answer: Data analysts use software to perform many of their job duties. Interviewers ask this question to determine your current skill level and how much training you may require. List and discuss any data analysis software you have used. Make sure that you mention specific software training and give examples of how you used the software on the job.

Question No. 2: Which statistical methods are most beneficial for data analysis?

How to answer: With this question, interviewers are testing your understanding of the most commonly used statistical methods, such as the simplex algorithm, imputation, the Bayesian method and the Markov process. List and discuss data analysis methods, including the specific benefits of each process. If possible, include examples of how you used specific statistical methods on the job.

Question No. 3: Explain how you would estimate the pairs of rain boots sold in Seattle in May?

How to answer: Guesstimate questions are often used in data analyst interviews to test your analytical thinking and problem-solving methods. Share how you would work through the problem, including the data sets you would need, how you would go about finding data and the methods you would use to calculate an estimated answer.

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