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Data analyst Interview Questions


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1. Self-intro 2. Why Shopee 3. Why data analyst 4. some questions based on CV

2. What was one challenging situation we had to overcome? Who set the direction and how you overcome it?

1. What were the extra dutues we took on to support the team? To talk about the situation, what we did and the outcome.

-What do you feel the most frustrated about for coding? (From Team Manager)

-What do you enjoy the most about working? (From Team Manager)

-Rate your own level of experience in SQL/Python/Visualization tools (1 - 10) (From Team Manager)

-Describe an event where you had to turn down an invitation / request as it went against your principal / value, and what was the outcome (From HR)

-Describe a challenging time in your life (From HR)

Tell me about some of the projects you have conducted in your time spent in university

technical questions, behaviour questions. Why are you interested in this role?

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