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Tell me about some of the projects you have conducted in your time spent in university

Can you tell me more about your self

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why did you join and want to leave the previous company?

Tell me more about machine learning and deep learning processes.

Case study of credit risk analysis with data given.

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We’re given two tables. Table A has one million records with fields ID and AGE. Table B has 100 records with two fields as well, ID and SALARY. Let’s say in Table B, the mean salary is 50K and the median salary is 100K.

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Nothing much really. More about how I felt about my past projects I have done with other companies.

Q: What is one difficult situation you encountered and how you overcame it? Q: Do you have experience with CV? Tensorflow?

Tell me about yourself ?

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Questions were on SQL, Kafka, and programming Data Warehousing designs and data pipeline building

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