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Tell me about yourself

7 Answers

Did you get your interview feedback about rejection immediately ? How long it took for them to respond?

WelI it took them few weeks to reply me. All the best your job hunt!

Hi if possible, could you share me that how many interview steps you need to take for the whole recruitment process? I had an interview with the director and another guy asked me some technical questions this week

Details on your CV (relevant projects) Basic probability and statistics Coding exercise in the programming language of your choice.

3 Answers

Medium to Complex Algorithm Questions. Basic ML questions

1 Answer

What codes have you run?

1 Answer

They will ask you something like is there something math could go wrong? are you an introvert or extrovert? how can you judge the company culture?

2 Answers

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I was asked some statistics questions

1 Answer

Given a needed accuracy to hit for an image classification model, how would you begin given a 2-part model from your colleague who left the company.

1 Answer

Explain in depth of regularization in linear regression Explain feature selection for XGBOOST Explain about transfer learning Questions were mostly technical based on projects done before.

1 Answer

Talking about clustering algorithm you used

1 Answer

statistical/machine learning philosophy and applications.

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