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Simhapuri Energy
Electrical Maintenance Engineer was asked...17 January 2017

why in transformer oil is used?

3 Answers

In order to insulate and to provide cooling to the windings we use transformer oil. Transformer oil has very high breakdown voltage so that it does not breakdown inspite of having high voltage coils around it. When transformer works on high load its winding temperature increases hence oil temperature also increases which then cooled through the cooling tubes having contact with outside air. Less

Cooling purpose , transformer oil is insulation oil also

Called as also insulation oil and this is stable at high temperatures.

Tata Motors

Why U have done Engineering knowing that job market for engineers has gone down ?

2 Answers

Became an engineer is goal wheater it is up r down,furture it is definitely grown up becoz their is lot of use of engineer for developing the nations Less

No , Engineers only one that can helps in all the type of faculties exits in daily life so I think engineer are the best and they have very big value in market in today generation. Less

Simhapuri Energy

tell me transformer protections

2 Answers

OTI ,WTI,Buchholz ,prvs,etc are protection of power transformer

Generally protections for a oil cooled transformer are oil temperature indicator, winding temperature indicator, Buchholz relay, explosion vent, pressure release device, OSR, silica gel breather, OTI and WTI also give trip command hence it is also considered as a safety l. Less


What would you be looking for when serving an AHU?

1 Answers

Isolate, check belts for cracks & tension and filters


Do you know what is a BMS?

1 Answers

BMS is short for building management system.

What are your career goals or aspirations

1 Answers

I explained my career goals and aspirations for my future and what I hope to achieve Less

Excel Industries

opinion over renewable energy sources like solar energy?

1 Answers

sir in India we receive more light than other countries being on tropical zone. except monsoon we get sunlight throughout a year and we have good open space too. we have good scope for sun power harvesting Less

Bhushan Power & Steel Limited

Tell me more about yourself

1 Answers

i described myself well

Simhapuri Energy

list generator protections

1 Answers

Generator differential Low forward power/reverse power Stator Earth fault Rotor earth fault Under/over voltage Under/over frequency Pole slip Earth fault Dead machine Overcurrent Impedance protection Less

IVC Group

Would the drive from chattanooga be a problem for me?

1 Answers

I said no, but that please understand that i cant control accidents and traffic.

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