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Lakewood Church
Email Marketing Manager was asked...11 February 2019

How do you keep up with email trends? "Email trends?", I thought. I've been receiving emails for 20 yrs. and been in the email marketing business for 5 yrs. - there have not really been any trends to keep up with, it's all the same (relevant content, call-to-action, catchy subject line, best time to launch). Irrelevant question as far as I was concerned.

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Email marketing is changing all the time, there are definitely trends to keep up with and this is not an irrelevant question. ISPs come out with new rendering all the time, new privacy protection laws have come into effect, new technology you can use in email, new best practices to try. All they wanted to hear was "I am active in email marketing groups on linkedin to keep up with new ideas and trends, and I subscribe to the Litmus newsletter to get the most up to date advancements in technology." Go read the Litmus blog, and that will show you how much can change in 6 months. If you think email hasn't changed in 20 years, then I think you're in the wrong industry. Less

Actually no, it's not changing all the time - Most Common Rules: 1. Abide by CAN-SPAN regulations 2. Obey the laws for sending to minors 3. Don't use "paid for" lists as you ma y be reported to Spam Cop 4. Do not send content the user did not sign up for 5. Do not send content that is misleading 6. Do not use trademarked images or slogans unless you have permission from the entity that owns the trademark 7. If you use an animated GIF then make sure the 1st image gets your point across as not all email clients render animations 8. Use ALT tags for images to direct the user in case their client cannot view images 9. Avoid using Javascript. 10. Try to use only inline CSS and absolute paths (although can be difficult with responsive email designs). BONUS - AOL sucks.. always has, always will! I've been in front-end development, back-end development, systems migration and email marketing. The very least technical of all disciplines is email marketing! Less

Speedx InfoTech

Tell me your strength and how to contribute for the company.

1 Answers

I'll give full support of mine.

Traditional behavioral questions. About experience, resume.

1 Answers

Biggest Risk I've taken


Tell me about campaigns you've launched.

1 Answers

What ever political actions, or lack thereof, I do is done on my own time & none of your business. It is an illegal question , and are you exemplifying that you condone & expect illegal actions of your current & prospective employees? Less


How would you sell bathing suits in the winter?

1 Answers

simple answer - advertise to limited demo


Owner asked about every single item on my resume.

1 Answers

Is this a bad thing? If you don't want them asking about your work history then leave it out of your resume. Was this your first professional interview? Less


Some basic questions about how I had set up an email marketing program.

1 Answers

I essentially discussed work within an email marketing platform.


What does CRM stand for?

1 Answers

What program have used for emails?

xChange Solutions

Whether I wanted to relocate or work remotely.

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I opted to work remotely.


1. Describe the overall re-engagement strategy you would pursue to increase the percentage of users who move forward in the process after receiving prequalified rates (i.e. increase the percentage of people who select a lender). You can present this in whatever format you think is most appropriate. You should consider any potential user segmentation, the objective of your re-engagement, the types of content and messaging focus, the channels you would prioritize (email and any others you would consider), messaging cadence and anything else you consider important.

1 Answers

I provided 16 hours of extensive research and work, paired with a full on flow and engagement strategy, however it seems that they were just looking for free ideas, not looking to hire anyone. Less

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