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Yukon Government
Environmental Protection Officer was asked...15 October 2017

"How have you dealt with workplace conflict?"

2 Answers

I listened to arguments from each side, then found and communicated the common ground to each party Less

resolve the conflact

General Dynamics Information Technology

When can you start?

2 Answers

I advised the interviewer that I would like to take a day or so before I gave them my answer. Less

What would be an alternative answer to this question? I didn't want to make an impulse decision without discussing with my spouse beforehand... Less

US Defense Logistics Agency

Give me a time when something went wrong at work and what did you do to solve the problem?

1 Answers

Intestigation about root couse then find out the solution keeping intestest of company integrity and policies Less

US Navy

What is an EMS?

1 Answers

see Environmental Management System

Environmental Protection Agency

Why do you want to work for the EPA? This isn't really that unexpected but it is a difficult question because working with a federal agency has it's pros and cons.

1 Answers

Putting aside the cons (slow to non-existent job advancement, stagnant pay, periodic public condemnation as a federal employee), I chose to work with people who share my valued (environmental protection mission), my education (nearly everyone has a Masters, JD or PhD), relative job stability, and higher pay when compared to the non-profit environmental sector (but not the private sector). Less

Environmental Protection Agency

Why do you want the job?

1 Answers

How I wanted to serve and improve the environment.


They may ask why should the pick you?

1 Answers

I gave them a completely honest answer about my abilities and wanting to learn more. Less


Describe a landfill.

1 Answers

A landfill is a place where waste is placed. It is highly engineered and each one is different. Less

BC Public Service

I was given the questions in advance and was able to prepare for the interview. The questions focus on behavioral competencies. They look for your ability to handle complex situations and work independently. Use the STAR method to show them that you read the instructions. They use this framework to easily assign points to your answers.

1 Answers

Honestly, be yourself and be real. Start the call off strong by being a nice person with genuine character. They are looking for your confidence and your ability to command the question. There's a reason they picked those behavioral questions for the interview. You need to show that you fit in with the team's personality and work ethic. Less

Environmental Protection Agency

Why are you intererested in working for the EPA?

1 Answers

I have a passion for the environment, it fits my degree- talked in detail about what I studied in school Less

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