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Crossover for Work
EVP was asked...22 November 2019

Online "Cognitive aptitude" test. Visual objects (find a mismatch, fill the missing slot), fill in words in some sentences, choose pair of words related to each other in the same way as words in displayed sample, do some arithmetic

3 Answers

Submitted 35 or so out of 50 answers before end of 15-minute mark, who knows what's correct or what's not Less

If you need help passing the CCAT (hardest part of the process in my opinon) I passed it by studying ruthlessly. I found this site that has the same CCAT as crossovers and just took that a bunch of times. crossoverccat[DOT]com I recommend this for anyone that has the proctored CCAT coming up. The salary is $15 / hr which is really good in my country. 40 hours a week min/max. Less

I used the same site as the guy above me crossoverccat it helped immensly, im pretty sure its considered cheating but whatever the questions dont have any real life work impact anyway Less

Will you move to Tacoma and accept this business turn round position.

2 Answers


I will bring with me 30 years of experience in warehouse and transportation and the ability to mentor and motivate all associates in all assigned duties Less

ABM Industries

When/where did you go to High School?

2 Answers

I was in a "lose/lose" situation; answer the question and reveal my age (old but not dead!), or refuse and lose out anyway. I opted to answer, but in hindsight I should have tried answering with "the recruiter has already vetted me via a background check; she can confirm all this detailed stuff with you" and offer that it might be more productive in our limited time to discuss how I can help his company. Might not have worked, but would have been a better try. Less

ABM HR in one of the Ky job sites is a joke.....Just be glad you didn't interview there. Their HR guy is one of the good ole boys. You get a job depending on who you know. Be glad you didn't get the job, because the site I'm referring to allows certain operation managers to treat project managers dirty and do underhanded things and get away with it. Less


How experienced are you with event planning? We are organizing events every month for our employees (about 1000) and that would be one of the main tasks for this position.

1 Answers

Comment: every executive assistant does event planning throughout the year, this is not too difficult to expand to any number of participants once you have the basics down for event planning. It seems as the position Gen-Probe is trying to recruit for is less an executive assistant but rather an event planning. As this question of event planning experience was the main focus of all three conducted interviews, it begs the question if this is truly an executive assistant position. The position title should rather read: Event Planner with administrative assistant experience. Less

Par Electrical Contractors

Can I balance a high stressed work environment and role being that I was a single mother.

2 Answers

That was an illegal question they asked if it is about your parental, marital, or health status. Less

As long as the company allowed my son to come first in my priorities, I would be able to balance and maintain work and personal life. Less

There were some technical questions (engineering related which is not my field of specialty) but since the position was more business oriented, it went just fine.

1 Answers

I tried to realted everything to business, explaining that I am a fast learner and that in short time I could manage without problems any subject required. Less

Estée Lauder Companies

1. In NY, they make you interview with an outside consulting company that will ask you about your childhood and the relationship with your family!! Very inappropriate and uncomfortable.

1 Answers

No respect whatsoever

Goldman Sachs

What are you driven by?

1 Answers

driven by winning and money


There isn't one!

1 Answers


Lifespace Communities

What are the specific details of your compensation? (Salary, bonus amounts) - This is required to continue in the process. (They declined to share the range for the role.)

1 Answers

Here is the the target range I'm seeking. I'm not able to share specific salary information (since it's personal), but would be happy to be considered based on my qualifications. Less

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