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California Department of Motor Vehicles
Motor Vehicle Field Representative was asked...27 May 2012

How do you define a team?

10 Answers

Yes it is very general. Some situational questions (What would you do if you saw this happening) along with some cashiering and integrity questions. Less

how long did you wait after the interview for a response on whether you got the job? I was told that it is a lengthy process and that I would receive a ring with good or bad news and its been 2 months already. Please any info would be apprec iated. Less

Is it multiple choice

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California Department of Motor Vehicles

1. Describe what you believe the duties of a MVR. Define customer service. 2. Define a dependable employee and explain how your work ethic fits this description? 3. If we contact your current supervisor, what will your supervisor says about attendance, interpersonal skills, and dependability?

4 Answers

The DMV exam to get the job or to get you license? If it's for the job, you need to bring your own calculator, have common sense, basic english skills, know how to match two things, it's honestly really basic. If you went to high school, it's what that is. And the questions above were literally what I was asked. Verbatim. Less

wanted to ask if the exam is general, no need to get practice exam book or anything? Its my first time so I want to be prepare for the exam. Thank you Less

Did you get the job? I hear it takes 30 to 60 days for them to get back at you with an answer after the interview. Less

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How much are you looking to work?

4 Answers

Full time

20-25 hours a week

20 - 25 / week

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Why do u want to join draeger.why should i choose u as an employee

4 Answers

As per choice

What was the CTC they offered...and hows the company overall for a fresher

For fresher they offered jobs in their sister concern Hl medical,& package will be within 2-2.5lks per annum. 20% variable never u get that part & 1000 for phn more than that u hv to pay.250/- per day for food 1000/- for hotel after a year if u wrking properly u get a chance in draeger otherwise get a kick frm thm. Rest 80%is ur salary in which both part of pf nd tax wil be deducted finally u wil get nuts.Banner wise good but draeger is not a good employer. Less

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California Department of Motor Vehicles

Define integrity?

3 Answers

please dont take offense but i think if you cannot figure out how to apply for the position then you might be in a little bit of trouble. Less

Hi everyone hope all is well Wated to ask for some help I've been trying to apply for a Dmv job opening and i really dont understand the process I've been trying to figure out how and where do i take my application and if there is an exam i have to take before i do apply. I know there should be a bulletin that takes you the exam but the job opening I'm applying for doesn't have one. Does that mean there is no exam needed. Also i have a college degree and would that help me out for replacing job experience? well thank you for reading this post hope you guys can help me out Less

Quality of being honest and fair

KEEN Footwear

What excited you about working for the brand? Why’d you apply?

3 Answers

Keen shoes looks stylish, and top moving brands

Keen shoes give more responsibilities for Quality we can learn more and more things Less

I will try to give best quality for customers


do you like to laugh

2 Answers

i laughed after that experience

yes i like laughing

Erie Home

How old are you currently?

2 Answers


Not allowed to ask this question

Reynolds American

Your biggest strength /weakness

2 Answers

Honesty/too trusting

how long did your background take to process? I recently got a job there as well but its taking a while to hear back since I'm going through the background check as we speak Less

US Census Bureau

Describe a time when you had to deal with an angry person, and how did you handle it?

2 Answers

Let them vent, Ascertain their reason for anger. Tell them we can resolve their concerns , just calm down and lets try to come to an agreement. And that if I had the authority I would try to correct their issue OR try to explain that why their anger was misguided. A misunderstanding. Less

Well I listened to the customer as he was yelling across the room at the Manager because he could not get his money back on a purchase he just made a few minutes prior . I tried to get him to cal m him down and talk instead of yell across the store at the manager. . When I got his attention I reminded him that she is the one who can bend the rule if she wants to do to special circumstances . Which is he just made a purchase less than five minutes ago and did not leave the store . I said to him if he could just gain his composure for 2 reasons , 1 is we had customers in the store, a lot of elderly and did not want to get them upset. .and 2nd , would go a d talk to the manager and hopefully , she would see it as a special circumstance and would refund his money . Everything worked out , he did as I asked of him and I did as I said I would and the manager refunded his money . He thanked me as he left. Less

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