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Oracle Hrms Functional was asked...4 March 2017

Why did you Fail in Your exams in Graduation, what is exact reason tell me the Truth.

7 Answers

We are clearly requesting to share all the academic details before scheduling the interview it self. But, you said everything positive about it and tried to hide that. if you are genuine, you should share all the bad things about your academics. But, the case is different, you have revealed all these details when stressed about the gap in your career. There is nothing that we can take it positive here. if you are transparent and provided the complete history, we should have decided about your candidature before a call for the interview. Every employer have the right to check all the credits about the job seeker. Even in the interview, everyone have different methods in screening the candidates. Moreover, you are just not a Technical Consultant. You are a HR Personal worked in the recruitment. Don't you know the policies, procedures and methods in recruiting? Less

What a joke? I have never seen any organization asking to submit documents without conducting an interview, was I selected to do the same. Previously was helpless, now I am hopeless reading to your reply which absolutely makes no sense. Moreover the interview itself was not comfortable & seems to be conducted by bunch of amateurs headed by a brainless head. Who from no where says, you are not worth to work in our organization however am suitable to work for MNCs. I suggest the head to work for MNC to understand their working style, they are much better in all aspects. Who gives him right to insult me & gauge my performance without being hired. Does it mean he can do anything inside 4 walls because no one would know about it?. Doesn't he have sense how to behave with an interviewee, isn't it unethical. I am glad not be part of such organization who does not value their employees, oops first start to treat them as humans. And are you not trying to display your HR teams inability to trace if at all prerequisites were required, Have you people not found it till last round of interview. Initials rounds were conducted just for the sake. Lastly who the hell is he to ask me go prepare my resume, I think the great interviewer has failed to identify resume carries only brief intro & not all the documents. Less

Did I tell you dat I don't know what was written in the resume. For your kind information most of the people fake that they only prepare their resume. I was genuine in that. I can bet you no one in this world will prepare resume without help. In this case either you are being cheated or people are cheating you I'm not sure. If your job requirement is preparing resumes you would have mentioned that before Interview. I would have prepared couple resumes with all fake information..I tried to be genuine..and not to fake anything...I don't mind for you rejecting me but there is way for conveying said me on my face I'm useless. That's completely not fair. From now I will Less

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What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

4 Answers

Dear Mr. Consultant, I can sense the burning from your comment. I expressed my view and it is none of your business to ask me to focus on my duties. That doesn't change the fact how bad your company is. And of course regarding the Video, I haven't said anything wrong, I just expressed my opinion. You comment itself suggests the way you treat the employees feedback in your company. And May god bless the people working in your Nalsoft. Less

Dear Mr. Anonymous 1. Please don't comment about the company whether it is good or bad unless if you have joined and worked for the company. 2. As you said, It's none of my business to ask you to focus on your duties, likewise, you hold no rights to comment on any company unless you work for it. 3. We know the fact about the company that we are working for. 4. And you earned no respect with your comments and we lose nothing either. Thank you. Less

Showing the video depends on the situation, however, it doesn't matter to recruit an employee. Of course, there will be a person to monitor and control in any organization. Focus on our duties rather than condemning others. All the best...!! Less

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Intesa Sanpaolo

Competenze in lingua inglese, conoscenze più specifiche

3 Answers

Ciao, cosa intendi per conoscenze specifiche?

Ciao, il colloquio di un’ora e trenta su cosa verte?

Ciao, il colloquio di un’ora e trenta su come verte? Grazie


Write and implement an anti-fraud algorithm.

3 Answers

This is such a vague and open question, anti-fraud algorithms are the subject of large white papers involving the cooperation of several experts. There had to be more to the question. In it's current form, it's impossible to answer it. Less

Assuming they know you have little to no prior insurance industry experience, then I'll bet they intend to test your creativity and thought process. It's always better to answer the question with assumption than not answering at all. Less

I'm sure it's only three lines of code, but with no prior insurance experience, you cannot improvise an answer. This question will eliminate you from the process. Less

AppSys Global

What is purchase order

3 Answers

I am having 5 years of experience in Oracle apps scm functional. But they asked simple question . Just time pass interview. Less

Yes right, don't join stupid company...

If you does't want salary, then you can join this company

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Sql joins, queries, Defect life cycle

2 Answers

I gave all answers of queries

Did you receive offer letter?


Basic Journal Entries

2 Answers

Dude when did u attend the interview ie which year..!??

As you said, "The person who valuated the paper doesn't have any knowledge on accounting because as i told every one who attended for written test are CA/CMAs so you can't expect wrong journal entries from them" You statement seems not correct in two aspects, 1. You know nothing about the person who valuated the paper. 2. I have seen many CA/CMA's who did wrong journal entries.. So, better to show our capabilities instead of giving jibe to others. Less


After first round, which mostly had questions based on percentage, profit-loss, speeds & distance, the second round basically involved around behavioral aspect- checking your communication skills plus motivation level by HR. Questions such as : What is the one thing in life that you regret/boast of? How would you rate yourself? etc. there was a ppt presentation involved which was basically aimed at checking your communication plus presentation/felicitation skills. third round had Guesstimate questions (started with very simple ones, and ended on moderately tough ones). again check of communication skills, speaking about job prospects, Why leave previous company, etc. basically a rewind of second round plus some puzzles here and there.

2 Answers

After first round, which was tougher than most other online tests, I aced the second round, since the interviewer was very happy with my speaking skills, good session with an IIM passout HR, loved every bit of it and felt confident. Interview with CEO - 3rd round was easy going too. I could answer all guesstimates, one question he threw a hint, which i could grasp quickly. Talks about job roles followed, got a very positive feedback from him after around 30 mins of interview. He explained to me the role, the career ladder ahead, and asks from the job, which i listened attentively. They didnt announce the result instantly and a lady informed me to wait for a mail(which never came). On my enquiry after around 4 days, she said I didnt suit the profile(????????) This reply came after I had such a positive interview experience. I asked her why was I not told this earlier and how could they not give even one single negative feedback(by HR or CEO), during or post interview, to which she replied vaguely. If she had told me that they got someone better, with better experience I could have agreed, but taking all the process till culmination and then doing the cutoff seemed bad and unhealthy. Less

what was the guesstimate question for which he threw a hint?

Bahwan CyberTek

Key performance indicators of boilers

2 Answers

Me also eee ..I got mail from college reference..I have interview on tomorrow in Chennai for software it OK to go or not?? Less

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