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Helpdesk Support was asked...8 June 2012

What is DHCp?

4 Answers

Dynamic host configuration protocol..( Assigns IP address to client)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a standard protocol defined by RFC 1541 (which is superseded by RFC 2131) that allows a server to dynamically distribute IP addressing and configuration information to clients. Normally the DHCP server provides the client with at least this basic information: •IP Address •Subnet Mask •Default Gateway Other information can be provided as well, such as Domain Name Service (DNS) server addresses and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) server addresses. The system administrator configures the DHCP server with the options that are parsed out to the client. Less

Jalana rajur

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University of Michigan Flint

How would you react when you are in a bad mood and a customer comes to you and is not talking to you in a good manner?

3 Answers

I'll be cam and still help the customer but if the customer doesn't gets better i'll call the supervisor and ask him to help the customer. Less

The answers are self explanatory.

Roll my eyes first, hiss, then swear at the customer.

What is DNS?

2 Answers

Domain Naming service..

DNS stand for domain name system in case of computer networking


What is OSI?

3 Answers

Open System Interconnection (OSI) is an visual representation of network functions. It has 7 layers. Less

Open system interconnection

Communicate over a network


What would you do if someone's internet isn't working.

3 Answers

Direct them to the IT Help Desk

Direct them to the IT Help Desk



Comment je me vois dans 2 ans

2 Answers

Poste à responsabilité

Pas de bonne ou de mauvaise réponse à cette question, répondez avec franchise. Attention, évoquer un poste à responsabilités dans 2 ans alors qu'on postule à un poste de Technicien HelpDesk peut être risqué ! Le potentiel employeur peut alors vous voir comme déconnecté de la réalité, ou refuser votre candidature s'il sait qu'il ne pourra pas vous proposer ce type de poste à l'avenir (c'est du vécu) Less


can you work remotely from home?

2 Answers



The Employment Solution

How much experience do i have.

2 Answers

10 years welder

I have 12 years exp in oil and gas project ,maintenance


What would you do if there was a problem that you didn't know how to solve off the top of your head?

2 Answers

I've been asked this many times as well and it seems that they are looking for your ability to be autonomous. First, search any knowledge base that the team has set up. Second, search open and archived tickets for possible solutions Third, Google Fourth, coworkers. Less

Ask my coworkers and supervisors for help with the problem. (The interviewer nodded to this answer, as if that was what he wanted or expected to hear) Less

SSI Schafer

what do you do if you cannot handle the problem?

2 Answers

i will pass it to the next level

I will ask for an opinion on how to handle the problem from my supervisor or superiors then i will settle it Less

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