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Helping Hands Home Care
Home Health Aide was asked...29 July 2019

What kind of hours are you looking for and how many clients can you see a day

3 Answers

I could only work part time in the mornings.

8 hours per day and almost 5 clients

8 hours per day and almost 6 clients a day

Independent Living

It wasn't what she asked but the tone and how she asked them.

2 Answers

Thank you for the information. We’re looking into our records for interviews conducted last September 2016, to see if we can determine who might have interviewed you. The description doesn’t sound at all like our manager, which is why we’re looking into this further. We also regret that a receptionist wasn’t available when you arrived. We have a small staff for our office, and occasionally our receptionist has to leave the front desk to take care of a special request or situation. We hope you will reconsider and apply again. Independent Living is a solid organization. We’re a nonprofit dedicated to the seniors we serve, and we hire great employees to serve them. Less

It was the manager...........I think her name was Jennifer or Jenny. Surprised that you don't believe what I say and assume it was not her. I see in other postings that you are the Marketing person...always trying to put a good spin on it and not really accepting or saying sorry for how people were treated or feel. Also see that many, many openings and turn over....not surprised. Less

Always Best Care Senior Services

Do you have a problem with pets?

2 Answers

Just cats

I don't like cats.

Home Instead

What would do if a client got upset and would not calm down.

2 Answers

I told him i would just take a deep breath and step away for a few minutes!

The only thing is that the pay rate too low for the work we do. I have seen better pay rates with other companies. Plus they would give you hours for a couple of weeks then nothing to work. They promised to have available hours for in the evening to work with me with my schedule and then told me they didn't have no clients in the evening. Might want to be ready to get a second job. Less

BAYADA Home Health Care

How do you handle stress at work

2 Answers

Take a few deep breaths,clear my head and smile.

Take a few moments to take a few deep breaths and smile.

Heart to Heart

They asked about patients and medication. They asked if you weren't authorized to manage a patients medication but the patient wanted you to , what would you do?

2 Answers

I would not administer any meds to patients without authorization.

I wrote I would not because that's a safety issue. I wrote I would call there lead nurse and ask them to provide the patient with someone who can manage the Meds or train me. Less

Comfort Keepers

How do you like working with elderly?

2 Answers

I love working with the elderly! I have gotten close to my Clients.

I love working with elderly cause I enjoy helping with making there life a little easier and I learn they have a story to tell and it's very important to know alot about them and they life. Less

Arcadia Home Care and Staffing

Do you have experience with hoyer lifts or quadriplegic care?

2 Answers



Almost Family

how do you handle stress

2 Answers

stay calme

Stay calm

Addus HomeCare

How do you handle a client being angry at you or taking their anger out on you?

2 Answers

I understand that a lot of the times they're angry about their situation and it's not directly about me. Less

"How do you handle a client being angry at you or taking their anger out on you?" 1st, I'd try and sit and talk with the client very calmly and in an adult mannar about what the problem is. 2nd, I'd try and see if I could rectify the problem. 3rd, If the problem could not be resolved, then I would get in contact with my immediate supervisor and explain what the problem was and let then deal with it accordingly. Under NO circumstances would I ever start screaming at any client, no matter what the problem was, and I sure would not just abandon then client and walk out leaving them to fend for themself. Less

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