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CMTA Consulting Engineers
HVAC Design Engineer was asked...16 November 2022

What classes did you take What projects have you done


1. Describe your experience on your resume. 2. They asked questions on Safety. Basically how would you respond in certain situations.


Explain an experience where you had to work with others.


What do you know about HVAC?

1 Answers

Basic understanding from engineering school

Johnson Controls

How do you approach consultants and propose a design based solution to them?

1 Answers

Constant follow-up to get meetings. Product presentations and solution overview.

Garrett Advancing Motion

The questions were mainly on my previous work experiences, roles and responsibilities. Since my background was in thermal management system, I was asked to explain various components and overall coolant system architecture.

Garrett Advancing Motion

First round of interview was purely technical, Complete discussion was based on in and out of the HVAC system testing the candidates understanding and experience on various stages of the HVAC cycle, refrigerants, various components, their performance metrics and thermodynamic correlation. Level of expertise in CATIA, communication skills and team handling experience was inquired. Second round was more of a discussion wherein the interviewer was interested in knowing how well the candidate would fit in the organisation, his/her long-term and short-term goals. One's awareness on one's own strength and weakness was assessed, ofcourse level of confidence and communication skills also come into picture. Third was HR discussion wherein previous experiences, candidate mentality to move-in, stability in job and other expectations were discussed

Garrett Advancing Motion

Basics, technical, Past Projects, skills acquired, role specific, Situation based and Hr round.

Garrett Advancing Motion

Tell me about your roles and responsibilities? Draw a compressor map and explain What is surge phenomenon?

Hawthorne Gardening Company

Lots of different question depending on the person . Mostly technical questions/ basic leadership tell me about a time …

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