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Goldman Sachs
Summer Analyst - IBD Strat was asked...4 April 2011

If two random variables have a uniform probability distribution between 0 and 1, what is the probability that their product is less than 0.5?

4 Answers

here is a nice blog post summarizing that very same question. http://bayesianthink.blogspot.com/2012/11/fun-with-uniform-random-numbers.html there are a bunch of other interview questions too. Less

The answer is 1/2 + 1/2 * ln(2) and the analytical derivation is trivial. All you need to know is how to integrate dx/x. Less

The answer with ln(2) seemed firstly misleading but actually it coincided with mine. After drawing an x-y plane, plotting y=1/(2x) and calculating the area under the graph, minding constraints of the uniformly distributed variables (0,1). Which is exactly 1*(1/2) + integral(1/2x) from {1/2,2}. Less

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Credit Suisse

DCF, Depreciation up 10

1 Answers

400 questions

Morgan Stanley

If you drive at a circuit that is 1 km and you drive the first round at 30 km per hour, how fast do you have to drive the second round to have an average speed of 60 km per hour?

1 Answers

This is not possible.

Nomura Holdings

Do you know what TARP is?

1 Answers

Troubled asset relief program, launched by the US government due to the subrime crisis. Less

Bank of America

why boa?

1 Answers

why this position and how would it help in your career path

Wells Fargo

What are the different ways you could value a company? Which value would be highest and why?

1 Answers

DCF, Comps, Precedent Transaction. Precedent b/c you pay a premium for the shares in a buyout/merger. Less


I did not research the company before the interview so I did not answer the recent deal question well. But overall the person who interviewed me did not mind it too much.

1 Answers

It is overall that you should behave proactively. Behave yourself and let them pick. Less

Goldman Sachs

three quality of leadership?

1 Answers


J.P. Morgan

Technical questions on market sizing.

1 Answers

Answer wasn't as important as demonstrating how you were thinking.


Group task included presentation

1 Answers

If you're going to take the lead, make sure to involve everyone in the group. Taking the lead in itself is not bad, but they'll want you to get more than just a nod out of the shyest person in the group. Less

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