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Technical Implementation Engineer I was asked...25 June 2014

You are working on a project with Time, Cost and Quality as deliverable constraints. What will you maximize the most and why?

3 Answers

All my technical questions like sql, engineering, related to industry were already asked on the phone. The on site was more like general talking. Know about the industry for sure. Less

Hey can i know in which discipline of engineering you are in

Hi, there. Can you please tell what other questions were asked during the interview? If there were any technical questions, etc.? Less


How long I plan to stay with the company

2 Answers

The interviewer wants to know because they've trained someone for a whole year but the person left after finishing one project. Less

How long did u have to wait after the all day interview to receive an offer from the company? Less

Where all had you worked earlier ?

1 Answers

I did an internship for 6 months as Dev.


Tell me about yourself, how your skill set relates to this position

1 Answers

Explained my experience in working with some of the world's biggest companies.


Here's a typical data file we receive from a utility, and here's a software tool we've created to help identify issues with the data format. Using this tool and a UNIX shell, identify and rank problems with the data.

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I went through each error message and then used UNIX to interrogate the issues more closely. Less

As per me nothing

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As we talk with unknown people in train.


about work, SQL, db, Unix script, about IAM tool used and many more questions

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all answered

Softtech Engineers

What is join? What is stored procedure?

1 Answers

A SQL join clause combines columns from one or more tables in a relational database. It creates a set that can be saved as a table or used as it is. A JOIN is a means for combining columns from one (self-table) or more tables by using values common to each.. A stored procedure or in simple a proc is a named PL/SQL block which performs one or more specific task. This is similar to a procedure in other programming languages. Less

Rajdeep Info Techno

Basics Of Electronics.

1 Answers



All basics of core java,servlets and jsp. Oracle database queries

1 Answers

Excellent way than they think.

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