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PRA Health Sciences
In House CRA was asked...13 January 2015

The phone questions threw me off guard the most, like naming the elements of an ICF

3 Answers

it helped a lot, Thanks.! Good luck at your New Job.

How the heck could you be thrown off by those questions???

There are quite a few elements to the ICF. The first is an overview of the trial and trial subjects that will be involved, along with duration. Then it will provide an overview of assessments, randomization , etc. Risk, Injury, Cost, and Confidentiality language is covered too. And it will state that it is voluntary, and the subject has had an opportunity to ask questions. Again, there are other elements, but I think I have covered some of the main ones. Hope this helps. Less

In-House CRA was asked...26 September 2011

Why do you want to work in our company?

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Hello! I am willing to work there due to the wish to be involved into exciting process of clinical research that is loved by me a lot,there is an opportunity to continuously develop,grow,realize ambitions and also always being in line with pharma industry news and innovations. Personally,I was involved into the clinical trials for more than 7 years as an assistant of clinical trial investigator.Now,it is time to grow. Thank you. Less


Related your experience and providing examples

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perfectly fine

INC Research

Too easy

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PRA Health Sciences

Are you familiar with Regulatory and the IRB process

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PRA Health Sciences

What qualities and experience can I provide to the client in support of clinical trial management?

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I mentioned the systems that I worked in and how I provided support in the past. I went into detail how I prepared data and provided extra help to clients particularly in audit preparation support. This was important not only to PRA but also to the client. Less

University of Virginia

Please describe the different aspects of an ICF?

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I listed all of the subsections.

PRA Health Sciences

Challenging Situations? Priotirizarion?

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Réal Life stories, challenging situations with the sites, success stories, lesson to learn , ambitious Less


What indications do you have experience in

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PRA Health Sciences

Do you have any experience in clinical trials?

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At the time of the interview I had 2 yrs experience and shared my knowledge of the field. Less

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