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IT Architect was asked...8 October 2009

Can you run /drive the conference room pilots (CRP)?

3 Answers

This is the term we use in Oracle Retail ERP implementation projects. Basically these are the continuous meeting sessions conducted over a period of many weeks. During these sessions, the business team and the ERP implentation partners discuss the current state of business, the business requirements and the ERP product chosen for implementation. Typically these meetings (CRPs) try to map the business process with the ERP product's base functionality and sometimes they even identify the some of the gaps as well at this stage. Less

I have never run/driven the CRPs so far, but particpated many times. If I get the opportunity, I will not hesitate to run one. Less

Pardon my lack of information. But, what is a conference room pilot?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Why are you leaving your current job?

3 Answers

New opportunities.

Because i moved

New opportunities, new experience, traveling is part of education so I want to explore in new environment Less

"What is Information Architecture?"

2 Answers

Even seasoned IA professionals have a hard time describing what they do, and it seems everyone has a different perspective! I said this, in addition to saying that I believed IA as a discipline is a pre-requisite to good Web design. It involves making decisions about taxonomies of information, human - computer interaction and user experience, and a whole lot more. Less

This is absolutely correct answer about IA.


Why are you interested in joining Stryker?

2 Answers

I was interested in working for a great company, doing good for the world, and leaving consulting to work full time. Less

I want to earn experience, learn each day more, improve my knowledgement, and contribute with this organization. Less

Elluminates Software

How do configure a trunk port?

1 Answers

switch port mode trunk switch port trunk allowed vlan xxx no shut

Engineering People

Sollte Begründung warum ich bei dem von ihnen vorsgeschlahenem Unternehmen arbeiten will.

1 Answers

Gespräch abgebrochen nach die Antwort, dass ich da gerade (aufgrund von Unkenntnis der Stelle) keine Antwort geben kann. Less

Colruyt Group

Of ik zowel de technische als business kant van architectuur kende

1 Answers

Ja, en gaf enkele voorbeelden uit mijn ervaring


What would you do the first day, since you're in control of this project? (PM question)

1 Answers

Engaged onsite PM, craft next steps (as-is, to-be assessment) from PM. Switch ... Now you are the PM. Pivoted answer: meet stakeholders, assess environment, provide report ... Followed up with 30/60/90 day plan after interview. Less


What processes did you usually deal with?

1 Answers

Standard Ad agency processes, working with the team to build concensus, create mockups, wireframes and prototypes. "Their answer: Oh really? We want our prototypes to go directly into production." My answer" Wtf? What type of process is that? Prototypes are for developers to visually simulate the software architecture, not for me to dictate architecture to them..." Their answer... big frown since no software architect/manager in his right mind is going to allow some UX architect to lead the software architecture. lol. Interview ended right after that. Less


Why you chose to do it for USA while it is available in Ireland?

1 Answers

At the time of the diploma it wasn't available in Ireland

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