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Associate IT Security Analyst II was asked...27 March 2021

What is the port number for SMTP?

1 Answers

The traditional port number is 25 for mail servers, but for clients it can be 465 or 587. Less

Vietnam Prosperity Bank VP

They asked me about my experiences, my strong points and my weaknesses, what i've done in the past. What i want to do in the future and how i am sure about my future result

1 Answers

I described frankly anything they want to know about me, try to impress in my strong points and what i can do best ! Less

Buckeye Broadband

What was a time you disagreed with your supervisor?

1 Answers

For me, it was a time my super was pushing me to get promoted knowing it would have delayed or prevented me from finishing projects. Less


What is the Lockheed Martine Cyber Kill Chain?

1 Answers

Its a framework designed to step you through what malicious actors will do achieve their objective. Less


Behavioral-Based and Technical: Tell me about a time when you had a difficult end user and how you handled them? Describe what DNS is and how it could be useful in cybersecurity?

Albertsons Companies

Describe a time when you had to accomplish something difficult.


What do you Know about Hacking,What are the different types malwares, what are the different types of tools used in security


Very basic/entry level security questions.


They were really interested in my personality as they wanted to know how i am as a person and what i do in my day to day activities. They wanted to get the idea of whom they will be dealing with as a team member and as an employee if hired, which according to me is a good thing.


What benifit we will have after recruting you

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