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Information Systems Security Engineer was asked...27 August 2018

what is an advantage of a domain?

4 Answers

Central management and organization of a group of devices, users, and resources.

This question was obviously asked by someone who knows nothing about security. What is an advantage of a domain? What type of domain were they asking about? Physical? The name in a DNS? A logically separated environment? You are lucky you were not hired. The VP in charge is unethical and intolerable. Most people there don't like or trust him but he is protected by the COO. Less

On the contrary, that question can only be understood by an applicant who knows that “Domain” here refers to applying the ISO 27001 standard. It has nothing to do with your website. Less

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County of Lancaster

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

Described current role.

Northrop Grumman

Tell me about your work experience.

1 Answers

Walked the interviewer through my resume and work experience. Summarized the resume with an "elevator pitch" Less


What is the difference between a policy and a procedure ?

1 Answers

A Policy is a high level document describing an organisation goal or posture e.g. security policy but a procedure is an imperative or step by step process of achieving a specific outcome. E.g. how to harden a server. Less

Booz Allen Hamilton

How to re-image a computer?

1 Answers

What are the steps in the C&A process?


Tell me about your past experience that makes you qualified for this position?

1 Answers

I identified my current education and certifications then i described my experience with each position i have had. Less


few technical questions, more about overall capabilities, experience and knowledge. Based experience in projects completed and level of contracts

1 Answers

based on my current experiences and processes.


How I felt about Continuous monitoring and other security related questions.

1 Answers

I laughed and said that it isn't where it needs to be yet. There is heavy dependency on automation. but, they need to have many people who know what to look for checking the results from the automated tools or they are useless. Continual Improvement is key to a successful security program Less

Raytheon Technologies

What technology have you used in the past?

1 Answers

Iam a fresher

Knowledge Consulting Group

The group interview contained some very difficult technical questions, but the toughest was about how I would establish a security-conscious culture where there was none.

1 Answers

Through the use of stakeholder and employee partnerships effective collaboration and teamwork develops to assure a culture of security-consciousness develops and sustains. Additionally, an ISSO must demonstrate the ability to lead and influence their peers and staff not under their direct supervision; in addition the ISSO must have the experience and skills to develop and implement an underlying framework for security processes, roles, and responsibilities for their assigned Information System(s). Less

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